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Are you interested in learning helpful poses and exercises as you prepare for baby?  Join Rebecca Dary, Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, for a gentle, feel good prenatal yoga workshop that includes mindful movement and yoga poses, as well as a heavy focus on breath and mind techniques to assist with labor and life after baby. Snacks and handout to take home provided. 


In this workshop we’re hoping to introduce you to a supportive community of women as you take care of yourself and baby during this important time.  

The workshop will include:

  • A heavy focus on breathing techniques and movement with breath

  • Poses and movement to release hips/back

  • Pelvic floor strengthening exercises

  • Mental Endurance exercises to prepare for labor

  • Handout on yogic techniques to use at home on your own schedule and time


When to Come: Anytime you feel well enough to join. No yoga experience is needed. You will work from where you are as everyday is a different day.

There are currently no workshops being offered. Please check out the online offerings of weekly and monthly classes.


With so many changes occurring before and after birth, it's important for new mothers to take the time to honor their miraculous bodies.  Understanding the changes, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual; together with a new found respect and patience we will work to regain strength and support for this new period of life postpartum. 


The workshop will include:

  • Yoga poses to relax and restore the body

  • Neck and shoulder openers to counteract feeding/holding

  • Pelvic floor strengthening exercises

  • Stabilizing poses/ab focus for diastasis recti and cesarean

  • Helpful poses for baby

  • Handout on yogic techniques to use at home on your own schedule and time


When to Come: Often the change of a slower paced life can be difficult to adjust to so please listen to your health care provider and body to know when to return to activity.  After bleeding has stopped and 6 weeks after birth depending on your practitioner if you plan to practice the movements. If you'd like to just take notes and watch you are also welcome whenever you're ready. Feel free to call with questions as everybody is in a different place after birth.


Babies: Babies are welcome to come to any Postnatal Workshop!


New Mamas: Please feel free to show up ahead of time or get in contact with Rebecca before hand to chat about your birth so we know where to move from as everyone's birth experience will be different.


Rebecca also creates private prenatal yoga packages tailored around your scheduled so feel free to contact her for more details.


Rebecca has completed her 500 RYT with Yandara Institute and her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Devi Yoga for Women and Yo Mama (RPYT).

Postnatal Yoga
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