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Nature Wellness Outings

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out I found was really going in. –John Muir

A deep connection with nature is an integral part of being human.  It’s what restores us, and makes us whole.  Not only does it feed and clothe us, but it provides an immense amount of mental and emotional support as well.  Without connection to nature we will always be missing something because the closer we grow to nature, the closer we grow to our true selves. 


While many of us can cite the physical benefits of being active in nature such as improved cardiovascular and sensory function, it’s the mental and emotional benefits that are also starting to be well supported with science.


  • For example, taking a meditative walk in nature has proven to have greater effectiveness on positive psychological effects than an athletic walk in the same environment (10).

  • When taking a more mindful approach to activities such as yoga, meditation, and exercise the brain reveals a shift from releasing stress hormones to the production of endorphins and dopamine (9).

  • Time in nature has been proven to have a powerful influence on the rehabilitation of people that have suffered from a crisis.  An interaction takes place between sensory stimulation, emotions and logical thought, which leads to a new orientation and ways of seeing one’s self and one’s resources (27).

  • The value of short breaks in nature has been shown to help restore the mind from mental fatigue and perhaps contribute to improved work performance and satisfaction (32, 33).

The benefits of nature cannot be denied as to live our lives in tune with nature allows us to be present with the changing seasons and embrace our own changes in our lives.

The Summer of 2021 Naturally Wild and Free will begin to offer nature wellness outings to help connect people more deeply to themselves through experiences in nature.


These trips will include options for:

  • Outdoor or indoor yoga

    • A gentle style of yoga catered to all levels

  • Meditation/breathing sessions

    • Learn how to connect with the breath and cultivate body awareness

    • Guided and silent meditation options

  • Meditative nature walks

    • Learn how to take a meditative walk in nature vs. athletic walk and the benefits of both

  • Mindful nature activities

    • These activities prompt the use of the senses to create a deeper connection to one’s self and nature

    • With all activities there is an educational component to include the local ecology with an emphasis on our interconnectivity

    • Activities are catered to specific groups ranging from children, general tourist groups, to various adult groups

  • Natural hot spring soaks

    • Hot Springs have been used for thousands of years to promote healing and prevent disease.  Some of the benefits include:

      • Improved circulation

      • Increased anti-inflammatory reactions

      • Reduced stress

      • Treat skin infections

      • Relieve pain

      • Detoxify

      • Boost immune system

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