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Connecting Communities

NWF is currently designing a program that gives children from around the world the opportunity to visit their local public lands. Working side by side with the local tourism operators and ecological researchers NWF plans to give children and their families a unique experience that creates value for their local wildlife and natural resources on into the future.

Why this is important...

Community based natural resource management has shown that when people are not given experiences with nature they are not as able to see the value in it.  Without that value and understanding we loose support for the protection and sustainable use of our natural resources.  The natural areas that we have now are all that we will ever have.

NWF designed Kids on Safari to create a way for people in places of ecological importance to gain connection to what makes that natural area unique.  

NWF plans to work with a researcher in the natural resources field to connect their work to a local community.  For a handful of days NWF and volunteers will join that researcher and a local tourism operator to help connect the community to nature.  This will include a beautiful cross cultural experience along with lots of fun lessons focused on environmental education. Most of the time will be spent in nature through activities such as camping, hikes, games, yoga, and meditation.

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