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Children Meditating

Through the usage of movement and breath, students learn to tune into the various sensations, thoughts, and emotions that may arise during a class. These mindfulness techniques allow them to cultivate self-awareness, curiosity, and non-judgment, while also cultivating the physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits that come from yoga.


Instruction follows the Yoga Ed. guidelines which means the curriculum meets National Standards for P.E. and has a strong focus on SEL Social Emotional Learning.


With the constant uncertainty of our world, yoga tools are one way we can help support the health and wellness of our children and teens. Utilizing a trauma informed approach aids students in cultivating an awareness to help make the choices that best support them in the moment.


Classroom, In Home, and Online yoga sessions are available for any client. Use of a Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Gmail account or FaceTime is required for online.

Videos can be made upon request for personalized sessions you can keep to refer back to time and again.

Ready to get started? Contact Rebecca. Rebecca is certified to teach children and teen yoga with a trauma informed focus (Yoga Ed. Certification). 

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