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The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga are Numerous!

Pregnancy Yoga

While many of us have heard that yoga during pregnancy can help create stamina, strengthen the body and increase flexibility, the benefits stretch far beyond the physical body. While many perceive yoga as a physical practice or exercise, the benefits dive into the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of being as well.

Research studies show that the practice of yoga during pregnancy consistently presented with:

  • reduction in pregnancy discomforts including headache, nausea, low back pain, sleep disturbances, and carpal tunnel syndrome

  • lower incidences of prenatal disorders

  • lower risk of intrauterine growth restriction

  • reduction in rates of preterm labor

  • decreased frequency of labor induction

  • lower percentage of cesarean section

  • shorter duration of the second and third stages of labor

  • lower levels of pain and discomfort

  • lower perceived stress

  • enhanced immune function

  • higher score of relationship

  • improved quality of life


A prenatal yoga class also helps with:

  • creating a supportive community of women

  • preparing mom mentally for labor and life after

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